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About Brazil Silver

Organic Cachaça

ABOUT Brazil Silver is an authentic 100% Organic Brazilian Cachaça, made from fresh sugar cane juice, in a sustainable farm located in Serra das Almas, Bahia. Its high quality and round taste is achieved through an handcraft traditional production method, only possible in small quantities.
Organic culture, natural fermentation and the copper distillation process enhances its fresh sweet notes.

ABOUT Silver: your choice to the perfect caipirinha!

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About Brazil Gold

Artisanal Cachaça

ABOUT Brazil Gold is an authentic Artisanal Cachaça, proud to be a 100% Brazilian spirit, made from fresh sugar cane juice and aged in Amburana wood barrels.

The aging process, that lasts two years, changes its flavor, color and bouquet, providing the final spirit with vanilla notes and a slightly sweet flavor in addition to a magnificent natural intense gold color.

ABOUT Gold is perfect to be drink pure as a shot or in exquisite drinks!

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