About Us

Elliot Aboutboul

Elliot has  several years of experience in global supply chain, loves by classic movies, bossa nova and Italian food. He ended up as a globetrotter, moving from country to country as an expat with his family. His wife Serena has an international career in a multinational company. He is now back in Switzerland for the second time, a place he really enjoys, following his global supply chain projects. However the idea of going further and develop his own business started to grow. The hard decision was define in which area. Them he met Jean.

Let’s Talk !

We believe in a better world. Better and fair. This simple ideology guides us to look for unique products, icons in their countries or regions, respecting nature, the human being and fair trade practices.

Starting our journey, we present the ABOUT BRAZIL product range, with two exceptional cachaças, each one with its unique flavor, history and passion.

ABOUT SILVER is an organic cachaça from the beautiful region of Chapada da Diamantina, state of Bahia, located at altitudes above 1,000 meters. Marcos Vaccaro, the producer, is an agronomic engineer, devoted to organic culture and fair income distribution. Yes, farm employees get a share of the profit!

You will also meet our ABOUT GOLD, an artisanal cachaça produced and aged in the state of Minas Gerais, a Brazilian historic region, witness of many battles for Brazilian independence. Minas Gerais is also famous for its productive farms and exuberant nature. Its high quality cachaças are a result of centuries of artisanal production with knowledge passed from generation to generation.

Jean Salvador

Jean is a business executive with large experience in Commercial Management and Consulting, with expertise in e-commerce. Passionate by cachaça (despite his dog’s name is Whisky) he always believed in the commercial potential of the genuine Brazilian spirit. Also following his wife’s professional career, he moved to Switzerland where, together with Elliot, decided it was time to create a partnership and make an old dream come true: spread outside Brazil this delicious exotic spirit. And this is how ABOUT began.

Your : Experience!

Before you even open the bottle, you will notice that the ABOUT BRAZIL cachaças provide you an unique and elegant experience: the super cool labels that present two exclusive watercolors created by the Brazilian artist Carlos Matuck.

ABOUT Silver and Gold Labels show the artist’s view of the famous Sugar Loaf (Pão de Açúcar) in Rio de Janeiro and the historical city of Ouro Preto Minas Geris.

The production process of each of the cachaças is totally handmade, respecting the environment, fair trade and sustainability. Taste is exceptional, both for drink straight in a shot and to prepare the best cocktails, including the traditional CAIPIRINHA.