About Brazil Gold

Artisanal Cachaça

Produced in Minas Gerais, one of Brazilian most traditional cachaça’s regions, known for its high production quality that blends secular techniques with state of the art modern practices.

The handcraft process starts with the natural fermentation of freshly squeezed sugar cane with native yeasts under a strictly controlled process. The resulting liquid is distilled in small batches inside cooper stills that enhances its flavors and provides its superior quality.

The aging process in wood barrels lasts two years and changes the spirits  flavor, color and bouquet. Amburana is a native Brazilian wood that intensifies ABOUT Brazil Gold´s aromatic bouquet, where you will experience notes of vanilla and a slightly sweet flavor. Its natural intense magnificent gold color also comes from the Amburana wood barrel aging process.

ABOUT our Label

Exclusively designed by Carlos Matuck, a talented Brazilian artist. Using Watercolor Painting technique, it’s a tribute to the historical city of Ouro Preto.


The whole production of ABOUT Brazil Gold is done in a beautiful sustainable farm, taking advantage of the renewable resources method, meaning nothing is lost: what is left over goes back to nature in the form of organic fertilizer.


Know where your ABOUT comes from