About Brazil Silver

Organic Cachaça

Produced in the highlands of Chapada da Diamantina in Bahia , a place with favorable environmental conditions that gives the sugar cane very special characteristics which results in a high quality cachaça, with round taste and sweet notes.

The whole process happens in a small, environmental friendly farm, under the passionate supervision of its owner. From the organic growing of sugar cane, through the handcrafted production in up-to-date installations to the final superior quality cachaça bottlle, everything has his passion and strict control.

ABOUT Brazil Silver is proud not only in providing a premium spirit, but also because it is originated in an environmental correct and social fair production place.

ABOUT our Label

Exclusively designed by Carlos Matuck, a talented Brazilian artist. Using Watercolor Painting technique, it’s a tribute to the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro.


Super versatile, it allows imagination to create exquisite flavored drinks. We don’t stop getting inspired in inventing new drinks. We created one that is SO GOOD that we call it «The About Drink». Check it out and let us know if you share the same opinion!

Know where your ABOUT comes from